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Here is our new music video for Shelter In Space. Listen to the full release in high fidelity (with the bandcamp exclusive, ambient soundscape track, "Shields Up!") here

The Desert Line

Our Self-Titled album has been released! We're proud to announce that the lead single, Spend It All, has received radio airplay across the country. View the video here. You may purchase the album herehere, or…

The Desert Line - June 21st 2019

Album artwork by Patricia Pauchnick

Our second album (self-titled) is set for release on the summer solstice: June 21st 2019. Best paired with sunshine and a desolate highway. Drive fast and listen loud.

You and the Earth, You and the Sea - April 4th, 2017

Album cover of You and the Earth, You and the Sea, designed by Patricia Pauchnick

It is our great pleasure to announce that we will be releasing our debut album, You and the Earth, You and the Sea,

Debut Album Coming this Spring

We've been busy these past few years sculpting exactly the kind of record we wanted to make for you all. We have taken time not only writing the songs and their arrangements independently, but engineering, producing, and mixing them ourselves…

Meanwhile, back in Eureka....

Yet another regal visitation occurred in the midst of making this album (You and the Earth, You and the Sea): we were given access to not only an astounding pipe organ in the sacred confines of a 19th century…